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1. Is it "Ash" or "Ashley"?


Either! I went to school with a lot of Ashleys, so I grew up with a lot of nicknames -- gotta catch 'em all, you know! (My starter was always Bulbasaur.)


2. When did you first start writing?


I started writing fanfic back in middle school. You can still find that account somewhere buried in the archives of FF.NET. Soon after, I found myself in writing competitions, and then finally with an agent. And now, hey, look at me! (Still writing fanfics, obviously.)


3. What is your favorite color?


Purple. It will forever be purple.


4. How did you get published?


Well, the kinda sorta normal way? I wrote about five books before one was good enough to query, and then that one was rejected 53 times. Then, of course I wrote ANOTHER book, and that one must've been a little better because it's coming out in 2018. Everyone's publishing journey is different. One person might be a break-out success, and another might have a long climb. Just have fun, you know? Writing is an adventure, Hobbit-style.


5. Can you help me get an agent/published?


No, sadly. There are so many hours in a day, and I gotta get writing on my next book! But Google is a good friend, trust me. It's where I learned everything. Go, young padawan, and learn from the Googs.


6. Who is your agent?


The indomitable Holly Root of Root Literary!


7. Can I get an ARC of your upcoming book?


Possibly! I don't have the power to give out ARCs, but you can sling an email over to the publisher of the novel in question, and they can help from there!


8. Can I interview you for my blog?


It depends on what events or deadlines I have going on at the time. But it never hurts to ask. Just pop on over to my Contact page!


9. So, what do you do when you're not writing?


I game a lot! I used to live-stream on Twitch, but I haven't found the time recently. I might take it up again, though. Who knows! I also run, if you like graphic design and book quotes!


10. Do you have any other books coming out?


Yes! HEART OF IRON, my space pirate rip-your-heart-out-and-watch-you-bleed-out Anastasia retelling comes out from Balzer + Bray on February 27th, 2018! So mark your calendars, yarrgggh!